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Shangri-La Atitlán

Shangri-La Atitlán, born from a love of Guatemalan coffee, strives to deliver high-quality, ethically sourced coffee while empowering local communities.

Your Trusted Source. Exceptional Coffee.

How We Do It ?

▪️ The Mission

Understanding the growing demand for high-quality, ethically sourced coffee, we implemented a comprehensive digital strategy to elevate Shangri-La Atitlán’s online presence. Here’s how we transformed their digital experience:

• Immersive Website Design: We crafted a user-friendly website showcasing Shangri-La Atitlán’s story, commitment to fair trade, roasting expertise, and distribution network. Stunning visuals highlight the beauty of the Guatemalan landscape and the artisanal nature of their coffee.

• Cohesive Brand Identity: We developed a consistent brand identity for Shangri-La Atitlán, including a unique logo design. This visual identity reflects their commitment to ethical sourcing, and community focus.

• Streamlined Booking Funnels: To connect directly with coffee enthusiasts, we implemented streamlined booking funnels for tours, tastings, or events directly on Shangri-La Atitlán’s website. This user-friendly system simplifies the booking process and encourages engagement.

• Interactive Factory Outlet Menu: We designed an interactive menu for Shangri-La Atitlán’s factory outlet, seamlessly integrated within their website. Coffee connoisseurs can explore Shangri-La Atitlán’s offerings and potentially pre-order their selections before visiting the factory.

▪️ Final Results

Digital Alignment’s strategic approach transformed Shangri-La Atitlán’s online presence, making it easier for coffee connoisseurs to connect with their exceptional coffee. Here’s how:

• Increased Website Traffic: A captivating website showcasing Shangri-La Atitlán’s story, commitment to fair trade, and roasting expertise attracts a wider audience of coffee enthusiasts seeking unique and ethically sourced beans.

• Immersive Factory Outlet Experience: An interactive menu seamlessly integrated within the website allows coffee connoisseurs to explore Shangri-La Atitlán’s offerings, potentially pre-ordering their selections before visiting the outlet.

• Streamlined Booking Funnels: Simplified booking funnels for tours or tastings directly on the website empower coffee enthusiasts to easily connect with Shangri-La Atitlán and learn more about their ethically sourced coffee experience.

Shangri-La Atitlán: Ethically Sourced. Delivered with Passion

Digital strategy unlocks Shangri-La Atitlán’s story, connecting coffee connoisseurs with ethically sourced excellence. Brand awareness & bookings soar.

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Shangri-La Atitlán embarked on a digital transformation to connect with coffee connoisseurs seeking exceptional, ethically sourced beans. This case study explores how we crafted a captivating online experience that showcases their commitment to quality and community.

Brand Identity

A unique logo design and consistent visual identity reflect their passion to ethical sourcing, community focus

Web Development

A user-friendly website to explore Shangri-La Atitlán’s story, ethical sourcing, and exceptional coffee offerings.

Data-Driven Growth Strategy

By analyzing website traffic and social media engagement, we boost bookings.

booking funnels

Simplified booking funnels for tours on the website empowers to connect with Shangri-La Atitlán