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Aljana Guatemala

Lake Atitlán’s bounty, handcrafted purity. Aljana Guatemala offers all-natural, artisanally made delights – from the signature Tahini to rich Atitlán coffee. Sustainable practices meet exquisite taste. Discover the difference.

Artisan Delights, Sustainable Heart.

How We Do It ?

▪️ The Mission

Digital Alignment’s Approach: To elevate Aljana Guatemala’s brand and connect with health-conscious consumers, we implemented a strategic digital strategy:

• Captivating Website Design: We crafted a user-friendly website showcasing Aljana Guatemala’s story, artisanal products, and commitment to local sourcing. Stunning visuals highlight the natural beauty of Lake Atitlán, the handcrafted quality of their food, and the connection to the Guatemalan landscape.

• Enticing Packaging Design: We developed cohesive packaging designs for their coffee bags and product labels, reflecting their brand identity and emphasizing the use of natural ingredients.

• Seamless Shop Locator: To bridge the gap between Aljana Guatemala and their customers, we implemented a user-friendly shop locator on their website. This feature allows consumers to easily find stores carrying their products, supporting local businesses and Aljana’s focus on community.

• Engaging Content & Social Media: We created compelling content (text, images, videos) highlighting the health benefits of Aljana Guatemala’s products, the beauty of Lake Atitlán, and their commitment to sustainable practices. This content is strategically deployed across their website and social media platforms to engage a health-conscious audience seeking pure, all-natural food options.

▪️ Final Results

Digital Alignment’s strategic approach transformed Aljana Guatemala’s online presence, leading to a surge in brand awareness and customer interest. Here is how:

• Enhanced Website Traffic: A user-friendly website showcasing Aljana Guatemala’s story and products attracted a wider audience of health-conscious consumers seeking all-natural food options.

• Increased Social Media Engagement: Compelling content highlighting Aljana Guatemala’s commitment to purity, local sourcing, and sustainable practices led to a significant increase in social media engagement.

• Growing Customer Base: The combined efforts of a captivating website, engaging social media presence, and a user-friendly shop locator empowered customers to discover Aljana Guatemala’s products, resulting in a growing customer base.

Aljana Guatemala: Artisan Delights, Sustainable Heart

Aljana’s vision of pure, natural food is flourishing online. Our integrated strategy empowered them to connect with health-conscious clients, boosting brand awareness and customer interest in their artisanally crafted delights.

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Embarking on a digital journey, Aljana Guatemala sought to connect with health-conscious consumers seeking pure, natural food. This case study explores how we crafted a captivating online experience that reflects their commitment to quality and community.

packaging design

Cohesive designs for coffee bags and labels reflect Aljana’s brand, emphasizing natural ingredients.

Web Development

A user-friendly interface lets you explore their story, and their factory outlet offerings through an interactive menu.

shop locator

 Our user-friendly shop locator connects you with stores carrying their delicious offerings.


compelling content highlighting health benefits, sustainable practices

Check out Main Highlights

We crafted a captivating online experience showcasing their artisanally made delights, connecting health-conscious consumers to a taste of Guatemalan purity.

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