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Nantli Cacao

Ethically sourced, single-origin Guatemalan Cacao unlock the purest experience. Modern design meets alchemical wonder in Nantli’s online shop. Empowering farmers, honoring heritage, nurturing the earth – taste the transformation.

Join the movement.

How We Do It ?

▪️ The Mission

Digital Alignment’s Approach: We implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy encompassing the following services:

• Web Design & Online Store: We crafted a captivating website that showcases Nantli Cacao’s commitment to ethical sourcing and community empowerment. Compelling visuals and a user-friendly interface resonate with conscious consumers seeking a premium cacao experience.

• Social Media Presence:We extended Nantli Cacao’s brand story across social media platforms, fostering engagement with a like-minded audience.

▪️ Final Results

Driving Growth & Brand Awareness:  Improvements for Nantli Cacao

Digital Alignment’s strategic approach led to measurable growth for Nantli Cacao. See how we increased website traffic, social media following, online sales, and customer satisfaction through a unified digital presence.

Online Shop Platform: We built a user-friendly online shop to facilitate seamless sales of Nantli Cacao’s ethically-sourced cacao, directly connecting them with conscious consumers worldwide.

Content Creation & Management: We developed engaging content (text, images, videos) that educates consumers about the importance of ethical sourcing and the positive impact of choosing Nantli Cacao. This content is strategically deployed across the website and social media platforms. Result: Increased website engagement by 45% and improved brand loyalty among customers.

Nantli Cacao: Ethical Practices, Exceptional Taste

Nantli Cacao’s vision for a more conscious cacao world is taking shape. Our integrated approach empowered them to connect with their audience, boosting brand awareness and sales of their ethically-sourced cacao.

▪️ View Live Website 😎❤️‍🔥


Nantli Cacao embarked on a digital journey to elevate their brand and connect with conscious consumers. This case study explores how we helped them achieve their vision.

web design

Elevate your brand story with a website and online shop that resonate with conscious consumers.

Web Development

Sell your ethically-sourced cacao directly to a global audience with a user-friendly online shop.

content creation

Educate consumers and build brand loyalty with engaging content about your ethical sourcing and impact.


Engage with passionate communities who value ethical practices.

Check out Main Highlights

Nantli Cacao, crafted with the finest ethically-sourced Guatemalan cacao, their heart medicine are a symphony of rich flavor and smooth texture. Indulge in a luxurious experience that celebrates quality and connection.

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